When was the last time you felt like you were fully present in the moment?

Imagine a world where each inhale and exhale is like playing a note in the grand symphony of life.

Every morning people get up energized by the most powerful driver in the universe: their sense of purpose.

Entrepreneurs, no longer lost in the fog of their thoughts, make giant leaps forward, powered by crystal clear thinking.

Creative individuals effortlessly tap into their flow states, channeling their immense imagination and producing awe-inspiring masterpieces.

Parents exhibit the patience of a Zen master when dealing with their little ones, bringing nirvana within reach like never before.

Students trust their intuition and find confidence to defy traditional norms, paving the way for their own extraordinary and captivating path in life

All you have to do
is breathe with us

All you have to do is breathe with us

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The power of breath is universal

We all have our own unique challenges, But what if we could not only live up to - but also stand up to those challenges? Embrace the thrill of life - face those fears, tackle those obstacles, and say hello to uncertainty with a grin.

At Breathwork Symphonies, we've harmoniously blended elements of orchestral and electronic music with Yevgenia's uniquely crafted breathwork instructions to create a transformative personal growth journey. But: your experience is yours and yours alone - you decide how deeply you want to embrace it.

Each session is distinct, with no premade scripts, imbued with energy work that empowers you to rewrite your inner patterns and consciously shape the life of your dreams. We guide you on an introspective journey of self-discovery, facilitating trance states and transpersonal experiences.

This is not just breathwork - it's a radical revolution of the self. So why be ordinary when you can experience extraordinary… with Breathwork Symphonies?

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