Your Journey
Your Symphony

Start your very own Hero’s Journey. The Breathwork Symphony experience is also available in private one-on-one sessions.

Sessions are available with
Yevgenia or Richard.

Every contour of this path is tailored to your needs. A work of art that beckons you to the core of your being.

The one-o-one interaction provides the space for a deeper connection that can create canvas or a profound and transformative experience. 

It can create a setting for you to embrace your true presence, to unfold fully and completely. 

Personalized Sessions
Are Not For Everyone.

Values a personal touch of experience
Wants to have full and undivided attention
Has a specific request and want to address it directly
Wants to deepen the practice and learn the variety of energe
Is Ready to dive all the way deeper
Wants tailored Strategies and Solutions for unique goals

The qualification call is 15 minutes of free consultation in an online call.

It is also possible to extend the initial call in which case hourly consultation rates will apply.

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