Symphony No. 3 “Michael”

A session of Breathwork exercises, music and guided meditation.

Your breathing instructor, Yevgenia, will open a door for you - but only you can step through.

All music is exclusively written and produced for Breathwork Symphonies: Designed to transport you on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

Be part of an extraordinary experience that blends together personal fitness, inner well-being and music.

Embrace the Journey.

30% Introduction Offer

This session is about deliverance in all its forms. Go beyond your pain, find freedom in letting go of something that doesn't belong to you anymore.

#Liberation #Confrontation #Resolution #Fearlessness #Pain #Resolvement #Deliverance

Garnisongasse 3/21
1090 Vienna
TCM Ordination (Tan-Bleinroth Top 21)
Elevator DG

19:00h – 21:00h

Sunday, 28. Juli

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