yevgenia breathwork symphonies

Symphony No. 2 “Yevgenia”

A session of Breathwork exercises, music and guided meditation.

Your breathing instructor, Yevgenia, will open a door for you - but only you can step through.

All music is exclusively written and produced for Breathwork Symphonies: Designed to transport you on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.

Be part of an extraordinary experience that blends together personal fitness, inner well-being and music.

Embrace the Journey.

30% Introduction Offer

This session is about ecstatic energy in all its forms. Explore the realms of your energy fields, open the horizon of your true pleasure, rediscover yourself as an ecstatic being.

#Energy #Bliss #Pleasure #Joy #Drive #Fulfillment #Ecstatic #Ease #Indulgence #Fruition

Garnisongasse 3/21
1090 Vienna
TCM Ordination (Tan-Bleinroth Top 21)
Elevator DG

19:00h – 21:00h

Sunday, 23. June

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