Making Of Symphony No. 1 – Composers Notes

What are Breathwork Symphonies?

  • An answer to how to making breathing experiences more accessible
  • Breathwork symphonies are instrumental and mostly orchestral pieces that follow the structure of a breathwork session – the music is adapted to the theme of the session and carries you through the experience.
  • Symphonies just got an update. 
  • We came up with the name because like with a classical symphony you immerse yourself in the experience and focus on the psychological and also physical sensations. 
  • Moreover, breathwork symphonies follow a dramatic structure like the movements of a classical piece. 
  • If you follow Yevgenia’s  , you trigger your body to have extraordinary experiences  – from pure relaxation through trickling sensations on your skin to full-blown psychedelic experiences – the whole spectrum is possible with breathwork symphonies. 
  • This combination of custom made music, breathwork and meditation is unprecedented.

The Creative Process

  • Inspiration for the symphony

Breathwork Symphony No. 1 is the first symphony in our ‘musical portrait’ series. And not only that – it is the first Breathwork Symphony ever!

The creative process of the first symphony is inextricably linked to Richard Tremmel’s personal story – because it was the trigger.

(More on RIchard’s Journey in his Journal post)

When Richard approached me with the idea of combining Breathwork with music, I initially thought of rhythm and beats. It was only through Yevgenia’s unique approach to guided meditation that we realized – this is not just Breathwork and beats, these are whole symphonies!

And so, in a small coffee house in the heart of Vienna, the idea for Breathwork Symphonies was born…

  • Combining orchestral music with electronic beats

Pulse. This is the magic word behind every Breathwork Symphony. 

Inhale – exhale… The music has to make it possible to follow the breathing patterns and at the same time carry the dramaturgical arc of the guided meditation. 

And yes … a symphony is a classical genre, but that doesn’t mean it has to sound dusty – so we also use electronic elements and beats. The music is mixed in such a way that it can be experienced in Spatial Audio during the session.

  • The musical concept

The duration of a Breathwork Symphony is 1 hour. This is split up into ten segments, the movement titles. They represent the mood of the music and their poetic titles give a glimpse of their content.

This was deliberately done to emphasise that Because Breathwork Symphonies are an art form. They are a combined effort of Yevgenia, Richard and Michae-Alexander to create something truly unique and beautiful. 

Come with us on your own inner journey and listen to music Breathwork Symphony No 1 with all your senses!

Analysis of the Movement Titles

Discover what lies behind the movement titles. This is what Michael-Alexander Brandstetter had in mind when writing Breathwork Symphony No 1 – yet, each and every session is like a performance, Yevgenia’s narrative is always different and therefore the experience is ever changing. 

Title 1: Beginnings

This part of your music is driven by harmony. Keep in mind, these are the first notes ever written for a breathwork Symphony. It will make you feel calm and aware of yourself. You hear lush strings and synthesiser pads carry you through the narrative. Listen closely to Yevgenia’s voice and let yourself fall deeper and deeper… 

Title 2: Harbour Change 

It is time to start the journey. Rhythmic beats accompany you. String patterns and piano lead the way – active and bold. Hear the drums as they are spread out in the room. Listen to the sizzling pulse in the background. Now the strings: bold and confident. Yet there is more to it – a humbleness in the harmonies. You are at the beginning of your journey – what will it be like?  

Title 3: Present Opportunities

Let yourself fall into the experience. Listen to the deep bass and string harmony. How it grows and gets brighter and brighter. You might have reached a breakthrough – are you curious to take the next step? 

Title 4: To Journey Further 

The harp pattern stimulates you to breathe more actively. The patterns develop into more and more complex structures. Next to organic drums we hear a reversed piano sound playing alongside pulsing synthetic mallets. A piano climbs higher and higher just to give way to the pulses of a hi-hat. Listen to the strings arising from the deep tonal register. Then the harp – an anchor in time. A galloping upwards pattern. A soundscape of pads and mallets giving a constant pulse – like the blood flow in your body. Then the strings add an extra layer of harmony – the bass drum grounds your heartbeats. So much to discover, in the music and within yourself. 

Title 5: Into The Unconscious

Strings in sul tasto and harmonics provide the canvas … a huge void of space. Like a sunrise. A faint ray of light at first. Growing brighter and brighter, slowly but steadily. And then, the lower register of the orchestra kicks in – and before we know it, we have arrived at dawn. 

Title 6: What Is Kept By Fear 

We have reached the next section of our journey. What will we face moving forward? Will it be a bumpy ride or smooth sailing? Whatever the case, the strings give us strength in their constant ostinato. Together with the drums and the deep underlying bass they give us the courage to press on and pursue our goal. Just like the orchestration grows bigger, we ourselves become stronger – let’s face the road ahead… together. 

Title 7: The Treasure You Seek

Warmth … with every breath we inhale. Pads and the recurring pulsing of a bell give us a sense of time. A Synthetic wave of breath reminds us of our own body and stream of air constantly flowing in and out of our lungs. The harmony gets denser… what is it that we have found so far on our journey? The development of the music is stagnant .. maybe things are not so complicated after all. 

Title 8: Strength In Surrender

This one’s for Richard. It’s him “flying the dragon” finding his own strength. Cascading musical patterns in multiple instrument groups. The piano and harp, the drums, the bass and then just one solo cello right on top. The music builds and grows … and so do you. 

Title 9: Courage in weakness

Every high altitude flight must come to an end – we are tuning down the orchestral elements and dialling in more pads and pulses. What you experienced.. Your thoughts and revelations .. they are yours and yours alone, no one can take them away from… ever.

Title 10: Joy in Uncertainty

No one knows what lies ahead of them. The arrangement of the orchestra is open – there is only a single piano cutting through the noise … accompanied by gentle string melodies. Pristine and simple sounds. We are concluding the journey, like Richard Tremmel did when he woke up from his surgery… alive and after all .. well. 

When you leave this Breathwork Symphony, I’m sure you will understand this quote of him: 

“Don’t just fly the dragon – BE the dragon.” 

Richard’s Involvement

  • Richard’s contributions to the symphony

Es war von Anfang an klar, dass die erste Symphony eine “Strength-Session” werden sollte – ein Stück, das Kraft spendet. Denn das war für Richard auch bitter notwendig. 

Ich erinnere mich gut: die oben beschriebene Geburtsstunde von Breathwork Symphonies im Kaffeehaus fand genau eine Woche vor Richards Operation statt. Und als wir uns verabschiedeten habe ich ihn gefragt, ob es irgendetwas gibt, das ich für tun könne. Und er sagte nur: “Ja, schreib die Musik”

  • His perspective and inspiration behind “Don’t just fly the dragon – BE the dragon.”
  • Comment from Richard (Link to one of his blogposts)

The Onsite Session Experience

  • What to expect when attending Breathwork Symphony No 1
  • Arrive at our serene location, where you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome.
  • Have a cup of tea and get ready to experience the unique blend of breathwork and music.
  • Step into the aromatherapy-infused room, filled with the calming scent of essential oils.
  • Take your place on one of our high-quality yoga mats, specially provided for your comfort.
  • Listen to the introduction to the session, setting the tone and the theme for the day.
  • Embark on your breathwork journey guided by Yevgenia striking her shamanic drum and sound bowls.
  • Experience the power of the Breathwork Symphony as the music and your breathing synchronize, leading you into a deep state of meditation.
  • Enjoy the crescendo of the session, where breathwork and music peak: open the door to the realms of your inner self.
  • Gradually come back to your senses as the music softens, concluding the immersive, artful experience.
  • Finally, gather your thoughts and journal about your experience, while enjoying the peaceful afterglow.
  • Personal anecdotes or experiences from participants

Future of Breathwork Symphonies

With our first series of Breathwork Symphonies – the musical portrait series – we are laying the foundation of a new genre.

Breathwork Symphonies are only available in our sessions, as they are exclusively composed. This ensures that no external connotations can dilute the experience.

 We intend to steadily create more Breathwork Symphonies for you to enjoy and enter many more realms of your inner journey.

Closing Thoughts

  • Summarize the importance of music in enhancing the breathwork experience

Together with the music, breathwork can become a whole new experience and art form in its own right. It can therefore enhance and strengthen your breathwork experience. Or, having the option to take a step back and just listen to the music during the session makes the whole experience more accessible to everyone.

  • Inspire readers to explore the breathwork symphony for themselves

Breathwork Symphonies are for everyone – new age enthusiasts and reserved sceptics alike. The unique combination of music, meditation and breathwork makes it possible for everyone to participate with an open mindset – and you might be surprised to find out which aspect you like the most. 

Book Your Next Session

  • Information on how to book a breathwork symphony session

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